5 Common Questions About Critical Illness Insurance

Very few people in Bangladesh have adequate financial preparation for critical illness. Here, most of the people who take life insurance policies consider the financial benefits more than the health coverage. A person can reduce the medical expenses of unexpected physical illness by taking critical illness insurance coverage.

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Complex physical illnesses that were once considered life-threatening now have treatments, and in some cases can even be completely cured. But if you don’t prepare in advance for these diagnosis and treatment expenses, you may have to spend your savings too. Health insurance can be a great support to cover such medical expenses but health policies usually require high premiums and do not cover other related expenses. In addition to covering such medical expenses, Critical Illness Insurance can also help you to cover certain medical expenses covered under the coverage.

Which illnesses are covered under critical illness coverage?

What physical conditions are considered critical illnesses may vary from insurance company to insurance company. Keeping in mind the types of physical illnesses that are more common among the people of Bangladesh, MetLife Bangladesh has developed Critical Illness Insurance with a Return of Premium Super (Syrup Super) policy. This plan provides coverage for the following physical ailments:

  • Kidney failure
  • The end stage of liver failure
  • stroke
  • Cancer (other than skin cancer)
  • First heart attack
  • Coronary artery surgery
  • Complex coronary artery disease
  • Heart valve surgery/replacement
  • Pulmonary arterial hypertension (primary)
  • Brain tumors that do not turn into cancer

What types of expenses does critical illness insurance cover?

Most critical illness policies allow you to cover your own expenses for the treatment of your physical illness. Metlife’s Return of Premium Super covers the listed diseases from diagnosis to surgery expenses. Beneficiaries will get the coverage amount if the policyholder dies due to any of these listed critical diseases. Beneficiaries will get adequate coverage amount even if they die due to any other disease outside the list. HELP

How are the benefits of Critical Illness Insurance provided?

The process of granting critical illness policy benefits varies from company to company. However, insurance agencies in Bangladesh pay a lump sum to the policyholder for the treatment of listed illnesses.

What critical illness insurance policy should I take?

While you look for ways to protect yourself, it’s also important to plan and ensure your financial well-being. A health policy not only saves your hard-earned money but also provides financial assistance in case of unexpected critical illness. You can discuss Policy with a MetLife Financial Associate to choose the best insurance policy for you for a secure and peaceful future.

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