What do you mean by mortgage?

A mortgage refers to the process of offering something as a guarantee or security against a loan. A term that may come across when looking for secured loans

Generally, all types of home loans are secured loans. The borrower must give their property to the lender as security. The mortgaged property acts as collateral until the borrower repays the loan in full. Mortgage loans are also commonly known as loans against property.

A mortgage loan can be used to either buy or build a home or to refinance a property. Refinancing refers to getting a new loan for a property while the original loan is still being paid off. It is usually done to get a loan with good terms
There are a few different types of home loans that you can get. Each serves a different purpose and suits different buyers. One of the most preferred home loan options is the mortgage loan. Here’s what you need to know about mortgage loans.

Mortgage obligations

Various liabilities also arise from the mortgagee’s right under the Transfer of Property Act. Mortgagor has the responsibility to avoid waste. According to this Act, a mortgagor in possession of the mortgaged property is not liable to the mortgagor for allowing the property to deteriorate.

Also, he must avoid doing anything destructive and likely to reduce the mortgaged value If the property has the mortgagor, he will be liable to pay taxes and government charges levied on the property. Furthermore, the mortgagor must indemnify the mortgagor if the title to the property is found to be defective.

This may occur in cases where a third-party claim interferes with the mortgaged property. As stated earlier, the mortgagor is liable to pay the mortgagor if the mortgagor joins the value. Moreover, the mortgagor is liable to pay and is entitled to profits in cases where attachment is necessary to protect the property from destruction.

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